A pizza crust is a piece of backed and crispy dough on the outside part of pizza. It is known to be the main part of pizza. At pizza restaurants like Pizza Hut, they usually have a good and buttery crust to go good with the pizza.

Why Make The Crust?Edit

The crust is what you would have to create, in order to make pizza. Usually, the crust is made out of dough, which is then rolled with a rolling pin, then stretches or widens the pizza dough. After that, toppings including cheese (mostly), tomato sauce (mostly), lettuce, spinach, banana peppers, green peppers, garlic, and more.

At RestaurantsEdit

At some restaurants, like Pizza Hut, the crust is buttery, smooth, crispy, and good on pizza. The crust is one of the best parts on pizza.On a triangle shape, the pizza crust looks like a rectangle at the top of the pizza. On a square shape pizza, the crust if pretty much all over the pizza, on 3 sides except for one side. At some restaurants, they even have crusts filled with cheese.